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Advocacy Media Services

Issues, Issues, Issues…

Discussion and information on issues leads to opinion and decisions in government, business, foreign relations, law, education, and yes, even around the family dinner table.

Informed opinion is demonstrated in voting, political discourse, public sentiment, and yes, among friends and family.

Persuasion on issues in the form of advertising, marketing, sales, media talkers, opinion writers, and yes, even the office water cooler discussion, can easily affect the public opinion. “Advocacy” is the effort to persuade any public or interested group to a point of view, in order to influence a result: perhaps a vote, an effort to support or favorably view an issue or a company or an initiative.

At Opportet, we believe that precise target audience development and efficient media planning can be most effective in Advocacy marketing. Politics, Labor, Energy, Public Safety, Environment, Civil Rights, Immigration, Healthcare, Gun Control, Women’s Health, Education, and the Economy… are all issues in the national discourse. Proponents of opinions on all sides of each of these and many others have the need to communicate opinions and positions, and persuade public support.

At Opportet, we believe that media planning is in itself a most effective tool in the success of Advocacy marketing.