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Why Our Service?

The media landscape has expanded exponentially with the advent of the internet.  Media planning is not limited to the traditional forms, and specialties, like multicultural, have become integral parts of total communications efforts.  With the expansion of media opportunities, comes the rapid proliferation of media vendors.  Our service and our partners sort through the media and the vendors, to bring the most valuable assets to marketers and advertisers.  We help with the planning and negotiating choices.


Media groups, rep firms, networks, and other multiple property vendors will present their opportunities within a packaged price, while negotiating low on the media side, and charging high to the client. Some charge hidden service fees, second commissions, or charge both commission to the client and rep fee  to the medium.

Our group prefers to work with vendors who deliver negotiated value and savings  to the client, or as necessary, our group negotiates directly with the media.


Many mainstream media outlets, especially in print and online, have acquired or started ethnic or multicultural media.  Many of these deliver excellent reach, and some offer efficient buys.  Our research indicates however, that ethnic and minority owned media, have the ability to be more relevant in the communities that they serve. We make every effort to combine both the corporate giants, and the locally owned media, as appropriate in our planning.  This makes for better and more relevant market coverage.


By applying similar planning techniques to multi-cultural, as to mainstream media, our group provides the opportunity to build greater synergy between the efforts, and greater total market success for the client.

Our work has encompassed a broad range of clients, spanning many industries. We have developed, produced and implemented campaigns using broadcast, print, events, transit, and on and offline components. This has given us an in-depth knowledge of what truly resonates and motivates the diverse U.S. Hispanic and multi-ethnic markets.