Opportet Media Group

Multicultural Planning and Buying

Multicultural marketing and media efforts require the same planning and attention to detail, as mainstream media plans.  Listening to the client, understanding the client’s customer and the action at the point of purchase, developing objectives and strategies, planning the tactics, and selecting and buying the media…. all part of the planning process that leads to the success of the campaign.

Welcome to www.multi-culturalmedia.com

Please enter and visit with us, meet our team and see how our specialties in multicultural media and marketing, how our experience with ethnic and minority media, and how our planning and buying skills can help your planning.

In multicultural media and in general market, traditional and new digital, our group develops the strategy and tactics to meet the growth objective while maintaining the core business. We efficiently implement the plan, and report the media results.

We look forward to an opportunity to work with you to meet your multicultural media needs, and to plan and place your most effective and efficient media, directly or through our expert vendors and suppliers.