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Kupcha Marketing Services

Kupcha Marketing Services, established in 2010, is a certified M/W/DBE marketing consultancy that caters to professional services firms. Areas of expertise include proposal management, presentation preparation & coaching, publicity, media relations and event planning; additional services include training and community relations. A considerable portion of the firm’s revenue has been earned through private consulting but the firm has been included as a subconsultant on a number of public agency projects. The firm’s public sector work includes work for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, NYC Department of Small Business Services and the Dormitory Authority State of New York.

Prager Creative

Prager Creative offers full creative services from concept to commercial, fully integrated with advertising and marketing objectives and strategies. We focus specifically on helping all of our clients advance their brand image and messaging to its maximum potential through unique and exciting creative executions. The firm was founded on the challenge to forget yesterday’s ideas and define tomorrow’s meaning of true 360° thinking. More than ever, marketers need to be inventive and extremely versatile to overcome shrinking budgets against a media environment of ever increasing media exposure, and rapidly changing media technologies. That's where we come in. Our services include:
  • Print, Online, Broadcast and Radio Advertising
  • Logo and Brand Identity Development
  • Variable Data and Static Direct Mail
  • Social Media
  • Website Development
  • Content and Copywriting
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Graphic Design

Target Marketing Associates, LLC

Target Marketing Associates, LLC, is a boutique marketing consultancy specializing in marketing to Russian speaking communities across the US. Services include translation, media planning and buying, public relations, special events, direct mail, and direct e-mail. TMA’s multi-media capability offers unparalleled reach of Russian speaking audiences, in New York and other major markets.

Print Buying

After a careful review of several print buying services, we have found that most operate from a database of listed media. These often present open rates, and have no more up to date information than an outdated issue of SRDS. Most services do not have access to qualitative research, and often do not have market information available. In most cases, these services quote open rates, plus a service fee of 19 - 30%. Where these services quote a discount level, they often project costs without the prior approval of the media, and will negotiate under pressure with the media, or substitute less effective media for that which would have been more effective. At Opportet, print planning and buying teams will research every target and every market in advance of each media opportunity, then propose actual negotiated rates, the most effective and efficient media plan for each opportunity. In the rare case where our team does use a service, we would work with our associates at Newspaper Space Buyers, a division of Time Inc.’s MNI unit, but the Opportet buyers control the costs that are negotiated and quoted. Unlike most services, we do not maximize our profits on the backs of the media, nor do we only recommend our most profitable media. The Opportet Media team would welcome any opportunity to meet with you, review existing print planning or costs, present ideas for improving either efficiency or effectiveness, or discuss future projects or plans and how best to meet the objectives of your brand with relevant media.


Traditionally, the term ‘broadcast’ referred to over-the-air Television and Radio. Times have changed. Television is now fragmented to include not only networks, network affiliates, and indies, but also cable outlets, premium channels, direct services. More recently television programming and video have found their way to our computers and mobile devices. Traditional radio is now called terrestrial radio, as the content is now available on computers and digital devices, by satellite, and in paid formats. Digital media also has changed. What a few short years ago, might have been an infant-stage medium with banners and buttons on fixed sites and services, now includes an almost infinite variety of creative units on an almost infinite variety of customized outlets. The ‘social’ media, and the so-called ‘apps’, along with the opportunity for anyone to create their own published blog, adds to the need for careful market analysis and even more careful planning of the media allocation to digital media. Even e-mail is now developing as a medium of its own, comparable to traditional direct response. At Opportet Media, we agree that every client should explore new media opportunities, but we support the principle that all media planning should be conducted with the market in mind: know the customers, understand the brand values, plan for growth, set reasonable ROI expectations, and develop both budgets and implementation of effective and efficient media. The Opportet media team would welcome any opportunity to meet with you to study and plan your brand’s expansion into the new digital media, and work with you to develop the most effective and efficient programs, and the synergy with your current brand strategies.